Nicholas brings over 40 years of professional experience in the music industry to help you meet your goals in harmony.


A History in Music

Nicholas Fettis, a native of California, began his music career in his junior high school orchestra, where he learned the art of playing and composing on many instruments, including piano. As a high schooler, he felt honored to have one of his first compositions, a string quartet, performed by students in memory of Robert Kennedy in June of 1968. His family life, encapsulated by Greek culture, greatly influences him through music, philosophy and spirituality. He attributes his upbringing to the inspiration he finds in life: a love for the natural world, the theosophical heritages of mankind, and the value of every living being.

After graduating from the University of California Berkeley Music Department in 1973, Baldwin Piano Company contracted Nicholas for four years, and he started his own piano restoration business shortly thereafter. His 40 year career as a musical technician and composer has allowed him the opportunity to work with every kind of piano in many different settings, with notable clients including Diana Krall, Francis Ford Coppola, Karl Malden, Shelly Berg, David Benoit, Tom Waits, Jonathon Lee and Tony Bennett.

He now resides in Carmel Valley, California, where he maintains a steady piano business of tuning, servicing, recording, and composing. He is a veteran at the annual Big Sur International Marathon, where he serenades thousands of athletes running along the scenic Highway One (and proudly displays Greek and American flags). He also frequently plays piano for local events and concerts, such as the Fisherman’s Wharf “Whalefest,” where he synchronizes his music with Humpback whale calls.

Nicholas composed the wedding music for his marriage to Mary Alice, and has composed seven full-length albums since then; his most recent is an eponymous tribute to Yosemite National Park, titled “Yosemite: the Soundtrack.” His son Peter started singing before he could walk, and he transposed those songs into piano compositions, such as “Wake Up the Rainbow” and “Cook Bananas!”

His next step is to record an album on acoustic piano and convert it live to MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface), a first in the music industry. It is his lifetime goal of sharing a love for music that continues to inspire him.

Nicholas can help you meet your individual needs in the following ways:

Live Concerts – Solo piano for celebrations of all sorts.

Piano Appraisal and RestorationPrecise price estimates for your instrument, from tuning to full restoration on new and vintage pianos.

Tuning – Practicing the harmonic foundations of Music Theory discovered by Greek mathematician Pythagoras, this is a “routine check-up” for all acoustic instruments.

Recording – The Studio in Carmel accommodates your musical needs and private tours are welcome.